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Lilly Penhall, Owner and Designer

Lilly Penhall, Owner and Designer


What do you get when you combine a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing with more than 12 years experience in graphic design? You get Lilly Penhall, the creative designer behind Interstellar Graphics.

She has been passionate about books since she was a child, and still adores them to this day, although printed books are becoming an endangered species lately. She has worked with authors of fiction, non-fiction, e-books, self-help, children’s books, spiritual books, poetry, ‘zines and even legal books.

More than just a designer, Lilly has written her own books as well as edited and collaborated on books with other authors and artists. With her family’s small publishing house, Penhall Publishing, she has worked extensively with manuscript-ready authors offering start-to-finish editing, designing and self-publishing services since 2009.

In addition, she is a versatile designer with experience in print and web design, including event and concert flyers, CD album design, company branding (business cards, flyers and websites), WordPress and Dreamweaver websites, advertising, photo editing and other print & web graphics.

If you are looking for an experienced, professional designer with reasonable pricing and a quick turnaround, you have come to the right place. Interstellar Graphics offers you a full range of self-publishing services to get your book in print and make your dream a reality!